How much does IBD Leaderboard cost?

How much does IBD Leaderboard cost?

Leadership is one of the most expensive pieces of content out there. There is no way to calculate how much Leaderboard costs in real-time, so the best way to get an idea is to view the Leaderboard and make a few assumptions about how it will be used at your company, and how much time you have available to work on it, and how much you are willing to devote to it.

Using Google Analytics Data and a few assumptions, we calculated the price for the leaderboard from Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Total Cost = $0 Average Cost = $0

Leaderboard is used to rank your ad on SERP by ranking search results that your ad has the highest CPC value (lower is better). The price of this Leaderboard is $0, with the average price being less than $1 for about 10 million users who have the Leaderboard currently installed on their site.

The Leaderboard is completely free, and you will get an email when a new update reaches about the price that Leaderboard will move from free status for new users to paid status.

Are there any other places I can install Leaderboard?

If you’re like me and you love leaderboards, but don’t have a ton of time to work on them, you can try installing it at any number of places where it’s free.

Leaderboard can be installed on adserving sites such as Ahrefs, the Google Ad Manager, and many others. If you’re using one of these providers you can click the Install button next to the “Leaderboard” label to quickly install your Leaderboard.

How can my company help support Leaderboard?

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Yes! With a monthly subscription you can unlock some pretty cool features.

If you’re interested in how to become a Leaderboard user click here.

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