Is Forex trading just gambling?

Is Forex trading just gambling?

Forex trading or market making can be considered gambling even though there is no guarantee of getting rich. For example you can choose to gamble that you can buy some stock on the Internet or in a futures exchange or you can gamble that you will be able to pick the winning ticket. A casino is more common place where there are slots, pinball machines, video poker tables and slots for all skill levels. There are other ways too but it is easier to start off in the market making side in the casinos.

The most common gambler with gambling habit is male. The majority of the gamblers in the world are males and the gambling habit may be a natural form of mating. It seems that when you meet a female that is interested in you, you feel the same attraction while the female is attracted to you too. This attraction could be more attractive than the interest in something the male had previously. Usually, the males get more women if one is trying to gamble.
Understanding the nuances of swing trading versus day trading

Forex traders are considered more socially active than females and so are more likely to talk and interact with each other. Even though the sexes are different, they are in general similar. The way they meet, talk and interact is pretty much identical; sometimes you can even spot if the traders are both males or female based on the way they interact. When you think of trading it is very easy to see that you are trading for something else than who you want to trade for. The way you act and how you treat your client is different but they are usually the same.

Another thing you usually associate with a male trader is to go out in the market or talk and get a drink and talk with other traders. The same is true for women but the gender is not the deciding factor. It would most likely not be the case that if you find someone that you would prefer to be your friend, but you are more likely to be attracted to them because they are more social and talkative type.

There are no statistics on male traders and no studies have been done.

Female traders are more likely to get more attention than male traders. There is really no comparison between gender. A male trader is more likely to get as much attention as a female trader. For females, it is not uncommon that they find their clients and become interested just as much as a male trader.

Male traders, unlike women, are usually more competitive than females. They can get away with just a single mistake and do not have much to lose. However