What trade is most profitable?

What trade is most profitable?

An analysis to decide whether to build a trading rig

How many hours is necessary to start the trading rig

You have to know the following requirements:

You don’t want to risk your money – we’ll talk about how to create a trade with a good investment return later on. You want to get in the market quickly and profit. That is why it’s important to understand the trade itself: is it worth it, would it make your chances better…

Now we will create a trade.

Step 1. Create a trade

You need to have a working market and we’ll create a low-risk one that should suit your specific needs and desires.

Step 2. Make a trade plan

Once this is completed, you’ll have to select a strategy. The plan will be made with our trading system and we’ll explain why it works in the next section.

This strategy can be used in the following ways:

To buy or sell a specific stock quickly and profit.

To protect your account at any given time with special protection from trading bots

To move money out of the account

Step 3. Select an asset

Selecting an asset will help you achieve success in the first round and also the last one.

Step 4. Calculate the profit

Here you will calculate your profitability with the asset and the time of the trade. We’ll also calculate the profit for every second for every trade we do.

Step 5. Profit!

Once you have calculated the payout, the last step is to get the profit. This could be done by using the current market value or by using another strategy.

In this case we’ll use another market: we’ve selected GOOG. It was calculated over 0 days, so we won’t calculate the return for 0 days.

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Let’s check the return per minute (RPM):

RPM = Net revenue * profit / price (price = market value)*(RPM / average market price) * (1 – (volume of trade) / average supply and demand. )

You can see in the figure above that the profit is 1,500,000 EUR, which would equal 0.03.

The net revenue from this trading rig would be:

(0.3*0,3)+500000= 0.03*1.54 (net revenue)= 0.7

So this was the net