How do you price homemade furniture?

How do you price homemade furniture?

I prefer a flat price that isn’t tied to a particular style. If you want to give your furniture an antique feel for example, you might charge a lot more for it than a piece for an affordable price would sell for. If you plan to buy in a certain style, you might find that the quality is similar, but the price may be lower.

What are these materials you are using for your furniture?

I have many different woods, including reclaimed from farms, and many different colors. I’m not so much of a “wood” man, so I like to match them up with their colors, and to really make my furniture stand out, I use different types of glue.

What’s the process of making furniture? Is it a “machine” process or is it “handmade” (with a hand press)?

It depends on the piece. My furniture does not follow a “machine” process. Everything is created by hand to order, even the cabinet doors.

Why do you use metal and wood in your furniture? If you were in the furniture business, what would be your first product? Do you have any plans to expand your product line outside of the wood and metals?

This has always been a favorite of mine. My family’s furniture store is called “Lucky Cat”!

What does the name “Lucky Cat” mean to you?

It means an easy going cat, a little guy. It came about because my friends and I were in an accident when we were young. I was so young and I was so scared, and I could not cry so I made a Cat Cat for myself.

Do you consider the use of wood to be sustainable?

Yes, my parents used to live in a small cabin in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It was an idyllic place, and it was all forested. When the mountain passes were finally cut, most of the wood came down, as did most of the trees. It was an amazing time, and when you are in a small town, you can’t afford to cut wood. The forest had come back to life. I was in love with that wood, and the idea for my furniture was born, and I think my furniture was built with only wood!

What is it that has made you like designing furniture for the average person?

I love doing it. It’s great that people like me can make furniture for them.