How long does it take to learn woodworking?

How long does it take to learn woodworking?

We offer classes that last 4-week periods. In these classes, we will build up our skills before diving into hand work and making final models.

All of our courses take place at our Studio. We take our students on a guided tour of the Studio where they can be assisted with the final stages and finishing, in addition to being shown all of our work.

What should we know by the end?

Before you start and build up the skill sets, you will need to have a good understanding of using a work table to make a small piece of wood. There are two kinds of work table that you can build up your Woodworking skills on, either using a table saw or jig saw.

The two types of work tables need to be made from 2×4’s, preferably, 2×4’s of 1.25″ thickness which would make them suitable for table saws. If you already have a work table lying around at the studio, please do use it, even better you should purchase two new work tables because these will be able to do more work for you.

Once you have a basic understanding of making work tables, you can make your first piece of furniture, using a work table.

How much does it cost?

There are classes and prices that vary between the days and weeks that you visit the studio. If you want to visit for less than 4 hours and learn from your colleagues, we would suggest paying $150-200 depending on the class. We are a family run business, our prices are based on our time and the skill level of the students. If you are a beginner, you might want to consider the free online classes. Otherwise we would encourage you to come and take a look before committing yourself to a class. If you are an experienced woodworker and are interested in starting a custom woodworking career, contact us for additional information.

What can I bring to a class?

Any materials you wish to assemble into a finished project will be available.

Can I bring some friends?

If you are bringing an extra set of hands you are welcome to bring these friends along with you to your classes!

What do I need to bring?

To bring a workshop tool you will need a work surface that can hold a 5/16″ drill bit. For an 18″ woodworking table, you need one piece of plywood that is 17-18 1/2″ wide and 36-38