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The United States and Iran agree that Iran does have the capability to produce nuclear weapons, according to Secretary of State John Kerry, whose comments were published on the eve of his three-day visit to Tehran.

“We all know that [Iran] has a lot of resources. There are plenty of them,” Kerry said at the annual ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Vientiane, Laos, in an interview published Monday by the Washington Post.

“We know how to prevent it,” he added, explaining that Washington is not giving Iran a clean bill of health. “We are also not just watching.”
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In the same interview, Kerry also indicated he was not opposed to a nuclear deal with Iran despite differences with President Trump. “Iran is entitled to enrich” uranium, he said.

“We’re not going to have a new nuclear arms race,” he said.

While Iran denies its nuclear program has any military or strategic utility, analysts say the country could be a potential game changer for regional and Western security. The Post reported in March that Iran could have a nuclear weapon of “great strategic value” after 10 years but, that the country could also develop “an arsenal to deliver conventional cruise missiles and conventional explosives.”

Trump, in a series of tweets sent Tuesday, said he expected his visit to be “very successful.”

“It’s a great honor to return to the region where I made such historic friendships,” he said, adding: “I look forward to meeting with leaders of every country in the world. I hope tomorrow I will be able to announce our next step in the Iran Deal.”

The visit will be Tillerson’s second to Iran in the past six months. In February, Tillerson made Iran the first nation he traveled to since taking office.

On Saturday, Tillerson confirmed an agreement made by Trump and the major powers to reduce oil trade “to below $45 per barrel,” down from more than $100 but not a total halt in American exports. The deal also includes sanctions relief on some Iranian currency and oil purchases while the United States and other powers conduct an inquiry into possible illicit sales.

In Laos, in the final of a three-day trip, Kerry said that he hoped for a “bright future” under the president during his