What is a professional woodworker called? – Top Selling Wood Carvings

What is a professional woodworker called? – Top Selling Wood Carvings

Why would a woodworker, who has an interest in woodworking education and training, call themselves a professional woodworker?

Woodworkers often feel they are only called on where they have a particular interest in wood working, and this can be very different from the work they actually do in the home. There can be a number of reasons for this, so the question of what the ‘normal’ name applies to is an important one.

Professional woodworkers

There are three recognised categories of wood workers: those working primarily in woodworking, those working in carpentry or electrician.

The work of a professional woodworker depends on the nature of his/her trade, the type of wood he/she is working on, the tools with which he/she works, his/her age, and his/her work experience.

1. Those working primarily in woodworking

This category is those who can work with wood, without having to be certified in the trades they are working in, or a certificate of qualification.

Those who wish to obtain a certificate or degree in wood-working or a career as a professional woodworker, are usually encouraged to attend the relevant courses, or work on a vocational course of which the profession is associated.

Professional woodworkers generally tend to have some experience of woodworking, or can provide advice on the use of certain tools without going through a specialist course or degree in trades.
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Those with a good knowledge of basic woodworking principles, such as shaping and shaping timber (for example, using a hand saw), may be able to offer advice to those who are just starting to work in this field. Those with further level experience of woodworking, such as working in the building industry might be able to provide advice to others with respect to safety, planning and the management of large projects, which requires a specialised knowledge of structural design.

Those who have more advanced skills, such as working in the industry for a number of years or in further education, may be able to recommend some areas to be studied.

There are different options of studying in the sector in which you are most interested, although the main thing is that you want to learn to work in this manner, which will often lead to professional recognition.

Although the work of professionals can be very rewarding, the work itself (and the potential job opportunities) can be demanding. The work that the timber industry requires, for example, involves considerable time in the shop where timber is manufactured

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